Next Steps

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Technological development is a process of evolution. The Loq•kit components, and embodied concepts, are presented as a viable beginning point – a prototype of a more affordable home assembly technology.

The components themselves, and their interaction, demonstrate a vast departure from current home assembly methods. The snap-lock connections introduce a paradigm shift in home assembly practice – allowing for disassembly, and ultimately – reuse. While the approach is innovative, it remains academic at this time. The Loq•kit house parts are not currently available.

This Web site presents ideas for creating adaptable, mass-produced homes that are each unique in layout and appearance. The spirit of the site is aimed at sharing openly a strategy for continued development. Yet, while crowdsourcing the ideas, the project risks failure due to a lack of investment motivation. For that reason, the technology presented has received patent pending status. Invested interests can be protected. While uninvested parties will be excluded from using this material to make, or offer for sale any part of this project – further, and unrestricted refinement can begin at the point where the Loq•kit patent specification leaves off. Improvements to this technology in whole, or in part, may receive their own patents.

Collective ownership of a promising new technology will encourage innovation and continued refinement. Because the market success of any one component will hinge on wide-spread adoption of the system at large, intellectual property owners should pool their efforts. With concerted effort, a refined, and privately owned technology-based affordable housing strategy will gain investment appeal and take on the resources necessary to affect needed change.

What are the next steps? Download and read the documents – the next steps are yours.