Adaptable Home

Loq•kit house parts are easy to assemble and take apart. Most of the components utilize snap-lock connections that may be released. Component sizes are regulated by a modular grid sequence that is based on connection size and location – Loq•kit’s alternating sequence. Due to their releasable connections and modular coordination, parts are interchangeable, and homeowners can modify their homes. Walls, windows, and doors can be placed in new locations, and home additions can be added or removed – including second stories.

One-bedroom to Three-bedroom Conversion
The five houses shown below illustrate the flexibility of the Loq•kit house parts. The conversion from a one-bedroom house, to a three-bedroom house, is an example of the possible changes to a house than can be made over time, as family size changes. The images describe the adaptation of a home to meet changing family needs over time.

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Other Adaptations
The Loq•kit house parts can accommodate a variety of changes. A few examples are: