Introducing Snap-lock and releasable, interchangeable house parts.

A New Technology for Housing

Loq•kit is a proposed system of mass-produced house parts. With Loq•kit components, houses are easy to assemble, and are beautifully unique from one another. Each Loq•kit house can have a unique look and layout. Loq•kit component sizes and connection locations are coordinated geometrically. They also utilize snap-lock connections that are releasable – which means parts can be removed, interchanged, or even reused on another Loq•kit house. With Loq•kit house parts, homes can be easily modified and adapted to meet a family’s changing needs. From the simple upgrade to a larger window, to the addition of a new home office or extra bedroom, it’s a snap with Loq•kit.

Shelter with Service – A Green Revolution

With Loq•kit’s interchangeable parts, houses can be easily modified. The house parts have been designed to be released if needed, and interchanged with each other to make unique configurations. Parts no longer needed for one home can be used to assemble another. All parts are reusable without damage. Loq•kit can help you plan and reconfigure your home. Parts that you don't need can be traded-in for new ones. Rather than pay to fill a dumpster when remodeling, with a Loq•kit home you are credited for the parts you no longer need. Because your parts are interchangeable with other Loq•kit homes, Loq•kit can offer them at a discount to other homeowners who are making changes or building new - an economically sustainable system of reuse! The lifetime care of homes by Loq•kit ensures that reused components are continuously routed through the company, where they may be graded for continued service. At a point where a component is judged to be sub-standard, Loq•kit will be in possession of the part, where it can be broken down into singular materials for recycling into new components.

Notes on sustainability: The Underlying Concepts behind Loq-kit