Loq•kit Reuse

Building components that are undamaged after removal will retain their value as building materials, and can be passed along rather than dumped in a landfill. With easily assembled and reusable snap-lock components, homeowners can sell house parts to local used house part vendors (secondhand stores that sell house parts – an economically sustainable system of reuse).  The components can then be purchased by families who cannot afford to buy new parts for their home. The illustrations on this page consider a possible life cycle for a Loq•kit building component – in this case, an exterior wall panel. The vignette serves to reveal the many layers of benefit to homeowners and commerce that can be achieved with Loq•kit’s technology-based approach to housing. This “cradle to cradle” approach, where Loq•kit homes can be reused and recycled in a closed loop, is emblematic of this fresh and forward-looking position.

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