Loq•kit Personalization

Loq•kit’s primary goal is to provide consumers with an affordable alternative to the high cost of conventional home construction. Yet, as a product for sale – affordability alone will not enable a mass-produced housing strategy to take a lasting hold on the market. There is another consideration to be made. Our homes are an expression of our individuality. There is a desire in every homeowner to personalize their space and make it uniquely their own. Across the country, homeowners are modifying and manipulating their homes to respond to changing needs, personal tastes, or simply as a vehicle for self-expression. A weekend visit to a local do-it-yourself retailer will expose you to this activity. The ability of a housing system to accommodate uniqueness in design is a feature that is very desirable to consumers – and was a driving consideration in the creation of Loq•kit’s component system.

To demonstrate Loq•kit’s strategy for allowing personalization, four key concepts are shown below. Each is presented alongside an analogous trait of the clothing industry. The reference and similarities between the two industries is helpful in conveying clearly the true aspirations for the Loq•kit component system’s versatility.

Creating a Look


Allowing Growth

Buying Secondhand - the Hand-Me-Down