Loq•kit New Technology

In this country, wood light frame construction (stick framing, stud framing, balloon framing, platform framing, etc.) has been the preferred method of house construction since the 1850s. Modern manufacturing methods are put to use in other industries, while housing remains largely unaffected. New materials and manufacturing processes can help implement a much needed Assembly-based home building technology. Construction has proven to be an expensive home building process, while Assembly, as a cost-reducing methodology, holds enormous promise for realizing affordable and beautiful homes. Loq•kit is an Assembly-based technology that utilizes the following modern manufacturing processes, and others, to produce house parts that can be installed quickly – without saws, nails, screws, or glue:

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Loq•kit homes are assembled from a system of durable, interchangeable building components. Each house can be disassembled and reassembled with walls, doors, and windows in new locations. A  Loq•kit house can easily be added to, or subtracted from, to serve changing life needs.

Removable Connections
Loq•kit homes utilize snap-lock connections that are releasable from the interior of the house. This ensures that building components are easy to assemble (lower assembly costs), and results in houses that can be disassembled without harm to the building components. The undamaged components are then available for reuse.

Systems Integration
Loq•kit’s new component system technology incorporates mechanical and electrical system options so that homeowners can upgrade and make changes over time. Key among these options will be a “plug and play” photovoltaic roof panel array. Loq•kit roof panels (opaque, translucent, or solar) are all interchangeable. Initially, homeowners can install lower cost opaque panels at the time of home purchase – and replace them with snap-in photovoltaic panels as money allows. By capturing the free energy of the sun, families can lower the operating costs of their home, for substantial savings over time.