Snap-lock Floor Joist

Snap Lock Floor Joist

Loq•kit’s floor joist provides a secure, yet releasable, connection for a house’s floor structure, finish ceilings, and overhead electrical fixtures. The joist’s unique shape also provides lateral stability for the floor system during and after installation, and resistance to uplift once snap-locked into place.

The floor joist’s connection within a structural assembly works by pressing the joist ends downward and into a clip that is fastened to the structural frame. The joist clip is fastened by way of a retainer to the floor frame bearing flange. Once the floor joist’s arrow-like shaped prongs are pressed through the open ends of the joist clip, the joist is secured to the structural frame. To remove the joist from the assembly, the joist clip tongs are carefully spread, and the joist can be lifted upward to reverse the assembly sequence.

The installation of floor panels is also a snap-lock procedure. Modular floor panels are laid between the floor joists. To secure the floor panels to the joists, a floor panel lock (part 17) is pressed into the receiving channel of the extruded plastic floor panel clip (part 16)  – which is secured tightly to the floor joist at the factory. In order to remove the floor panels, the panel lock can be pulled out of the panel clip, by starting at one end and pulling upward along the length of the floor joist.

Finish ceiling panels can be installed from below the floor joist, if desired by a homeowner. Modular ceiling panels clip into the projecting prongs of the floor joist. Lighting fixtures may be inserted into the gap between ceiling panels, where a U-shaped extension grips the T-shaped portion of the floor joist. Due to their ease of assembly and removal, and their coordinated modular sizes, floor panels, floor joists, and other modular components can be installed many times, in various locations, and in different houses, over their lifetime.  The undamaged parts can be used again and again in an economically-sustainable system of reuse.