6-way Connector

6-way connector6-Way Connector

Unprecedented Ease of Assembly and Flexibility
Loq•kit’s 6-way connector enables building components to be locked together by applying pressure in one of six directions: downward, upward, to the right, to the left, from the exterior toward the interior, or from the interior toward the exterior. The 6-way connector’s unique shape makes it possible to:

Wall panels are attached to each other, or to the structural frame with pressure directed downward, upward, to the right, or to the left. While windows and doors are attached in similar fashion to snapping a hubcap onto the wheel of a car – with pressure applied laterally. The pressure is directed laterally from the exterior toward the interior to install a door or window onto a wall assembly. Pressure is also directed laterally, from the interior toward the exterior, to snap on the door or window casing.

Locked Panels and Weather Strip
Once locked together, the remaining void at either side of joined panels (either wall, window, or door) is filled with an extruded plastic weather strip. The weather strip has a rubber compression seal along the mating surface of the panel, and provides a tight, finished installation. No further finishing is required to assemble the building envelope at the connection location.

Should the panels be removed or reconfigured, the interior weather strip is removed with a tug along its length, and the 6-way connector set screws can be accessed. Set screws are always oriented toward the interior of a home so that assembled walls cannot be taken apart from the exterior, ensuring for the security of the home’s occupants. After the set screws have been removed from each of the 6-way connectors found at the perimeter of an installed panel, the panel may be slid outward from the assembly as the joined connector components are disengaged.

Reusable Panels
Due to their ease of assembly and removal – as well as their coordinated modular sizes – wall, window, and door panels can be installed many times, in various locations, and in different houses over their lifetime. The 6-way connector makes it possible to install and remove components without altering their physical shape. The undamaged parts can be used again and again in an economically sustainable system of reuse.

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